learning bowls


Learn to like a new with these learning bowls:

  • Builds familiarity with foods
  • Improves food variety
  • Set of 2




More info

Learning bowls or trying bowls can go onto or beside your child’s plate and they can choose something to go onto the dish (instead of onto their plate). This means that the ‘new’ or ‘learning’ food isn’t touching any of their main food and it is in a small amount (they can always go back for more). I call it the trying  bowl but there is no pressure to try. It is there and ready for your child to try when they are ready. This means your child is tolerating the food to be near them.

My kids learnt to like meatballs in this way. A meatball on the trying bowl, untouched the first few times (it might take longer for your children) then a small nibble (over weeks). Later, eating the lot and asking for another. Now meatballs have moved onto their plates, making room for something else on the trying spoon. I don’t use this everyday, but it is helpful to use sometimes. I simply ask “what would you like on your plate and what would you like in your trying spoon?” (Note some foods might not go on either and that’s okay too).



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