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Channel your kids’ curiosity

Kids are naturally curious as they grow. Help them learn more about veggies. With a little guidance and the right tools they’ll start to love them too.

Guaranteed results

Mealtimes can be easier. And happier. All it takes is a methodical approach to “training” your kids to appreciate food. Even new and odd foods which they’ve never tried before.

professional guidance

Kate, our founder, is a professional dietitian. She’s helped over 30,000 parents, help their kids create a healthy relationship with food.

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Foost’s bag of tools

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Madeline from Melbourne Says ...

“It used to be a commotion in our house, especially for lunch and dinner. My 4-year old daughter just would not touch anything green. She said it tasted yuck. But after adopting Kate’s methods greens are no longer yuck for her.”

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