Your Questions, answered

What age does Foost cater for?

Foost is for families with children aged 2-12. Although the strategies are useful for all, young and old.

Do you still run events?

Yes, we run virtual and in-person events. These include kids and adult cooking classes for shopping centres and city council events.
We also run incursions for ELCs and schools, teacher professional development and parent education sessions. Plus we offer workplace wellness events with our signature “taster” and “take-away taster” program.

What is the difference between the First and Next knives?

The First knife has a smaller and more serrated blade. It uses a sawing action to cut. It is great for younger children who are just starting out with cutting. The next knife, the blade is longer, thinner and less serrated. Older children, with more hand strength, can use a cutting (rather than sawing) action. So this mimics a ‘real’ knife. Making it a great bridging knife for slightly older children.

Do you offer 1:1 consulting?

Yes Kate offers consulting services to companies. She has worked with Woolworths, amongst other companies, writing recipes and on content and guide for the discovery tour.

If you are an individual and have done our All-access course and are still looking for more help, we have small group coaching or in-home private consulting. Contact us for details.

Are Foost products available for wholesale?

Yes, we offer Wholesale. We also have an affiliate program.

Are Foost products available for fundraising?

We sure do.

Why choose Foost?

At Foost, we aren’t interested in ‘getting’ kids to eat veggies today only to spit them out and feed them to the dog when parents aren’t looking. We are interested in children learning to like vegetables (and a variety of other foods) so they enjoy them for life! We also want to help families reduce their food stress so they can enjoy food together.

Unlike other companies, Foost focuses on all the aspects of eating. From mindset to language, from cooking to eating, from nurition to culture.

Got a question we haven’t answered yet? Get in touch with us.

why we created foost

At Foost, our aim is to help you live a happier and healthier life by inspiring you to enjoy fruit and veggies every day.

As educators and dietetics professionals, we believe changing what you eat is the most powerful transformation you can make to improve your life. 

The right foods can improve your health, energy levels, work performance and even your moods at home and at play.

We help you achieve this with a simple 3-point philosophy:

1. Attitude - Get in the right mindset to bring about change.

2. Environment - Adapt your environment to encourage good habits.

3. Nurture - Put the plan into action with the right information.

With our unique, anti-boring and simple programs and products, Foost has inspired over 6,500 families to be healthier.

Foost is a social enterprise based in Melbourne, Australia. We run events Australia wide and ship products internationally