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kate intro

Hi! I’m Kate Wengier

I am a professional dietitian. I’ve helped some of Australia’s top companies enable their consumers (mostly parents) to create a positive relationship with food.

My philosophy on food is simple, educate-participate-enjoy. Teaching kids good habits about food doesn’t have to be a food fight. With a bit of flexibility and hands-on participation, feeding children and yourself healthy food can be worry-free.

Yes, mealtimes can be enjoyable.

foost team - david

and I’m David Cordover

I’m an entrepreneur with a focus on education and technology.

I also advise organisations on educational services and strategic planning. With over 20 years of experience in children’s education, my aim is to help you achieve clarity of thought and action without getting overwhelmed.

I work closely with Kate to create lesson plans for Foost and design products to help your children succeed with food.

I see the world differently, in terms of what it can be. It’s true potential and how to achieve this.

That’s perhaps why I keep trying to run ultra-marathons (unsuccessfully so far) and count my age backwards. Somehow, despite living in Melbourne, I never get wet when it rains.????

foost team - david

why we created foost

At Foost, our aim is to help you live a happier and healthier life by inspiring you to enjoy fruit and veggies every day.

As educators and dietetics professionals, we believe changing what you eat is the most powerful transformation you can make to improve your life.

The right foods can improve your health, energy levels, work performance and even your moods at home and at play.

We help you achieve this with a simple 3-point philosophy:

1. Attitude – Get in the right mindset to bring about change.

2. Environment – Adapt your environment to encourage good habits.

3. Nurture – Put the plan into action with the right information.

With our unique, anti-boring and simple programs and products, Foost has inspired over 6,500 families to be healthier.

Foost is a social enterprise based in Melbourne, Australia. We run events Australia wide and ship products internationally

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… and over 6,500 families

Green is not yuck anymore!

“It used to be a commotion in our house, especially for lunch and dinner. My 4-year old daughter just would not touch anything green. She said it tasted yuck. But after adopting Kate’s methods greens are no longer yuck for her.”

Madeline S.

FREE DELIVERY over $69 to USA & Australia
FREE DELIVERY over $69 to USA & Australia