Meeting at work: danishes, muffins, biscuits

Party: cake, chips, soft drink

Fundraiser: sausage sizzle, chocolate boxes

When you work in an office with more than a few coworkers, it can feel like there is always food on offer. From morning teas to birthday cakes, workplaces are full of ‘reasons’ to indulge.

At Foost we love all food, even ‘treats’. But unhealthy foods do not need to be the default for every occasion.

It takes just a moment of thought to create a healthier option, or at least a healthy alternative for balance.

Here is a great example. When Kate’s son was celebrating his 4th birthday, the kinder teacher was describing the protocol for birthdays. She was to come in and bring a cake. But Kate had already planned two cakes (one on his birthday and one at his party) and a third seemed over the top. She refused to accept the default. Instead of cake, Kate and her son lined strawberries on a plate in the shape of a ‘4’. The parents, kids and teachers all thought it was creative and wonderful. Not one child missed the cake.

We are not suggesting that every birthday should revolve around a flower made of celery, or that you should serve nothing but kale at your next work meeting, but rather to think differently. It is possible, with a little thought, to make healthy food fun and incorporate it into your celebrations and events.

At the moment, the Foost team are planning a Christmas party for up to 60 guests. We are going to put on a Mexican feast with make your own colourful burritos. We will have brownies and cheesecake for dessert – but we will also have fruit platters, lamington bites and grazing boards with veggie sticks, colourful dips, wholegrain crackers. It’s all about balance and having the courage to think differently.


Meeting at work: bowl of blueberries and strawberries, dips and dippers

Birthday party: cake, fruit kebabs, veggies and dip, watermelon pizza, sandwich-on-a-stick, cheese platter, sushi rolls

Interesting drinks: water with mint and orange slices, chilled teas, sparkling water with a dash of juice

Fundraisers: slinky apples or pedal-powered smoothies