101+ fruit and veggie snacks ebook


Kids always asking for snacks? Well this book is full of over 125 recipes and ideas

  • Fun, delicious and nutritious recipes
  • Written by family dietitian and mum
  • From apple to zucchini
  • Fussy eating tips and alternatives list


About this guide

Love to snack?

Snacks are a great opportunity to enjoy fruits and veggies. Because fruit and veggies make simple, cheap and delicious snacks…Here are 101+ fruit and veggie snacks!

This book is the answer you need to the never ending “I’m hungry…” between meals. It is the perfect guide for using up what you have and expanding children’s variety.

“Visually stunning. I loved the recipes and it read as wonderfully casual and not intimidating.”

This 60 page, beautifully illustrated, ebook features:

  • over 125 ideas and recipes
  • 30 different fruits and veggies (from apple to zucchini)
  • recipes for reducing food waste
  • alternatives list (to cater for allergies, intolerances or if you don’t have an ingredient)
  • fussy eating tips
  • size and texture modification guide for young children
  • lovely design making the book easy to use

Written by family dietitian and mother of four, Kate Wengier, this book is practical, nutritious and delicious.


3 reviews for 101+ fruit and veggie snacks ebook

  1. Melanie W (verified owner)

    Overall, it’s fantastic. Perfect for busy parents who are tired and juggling life/work/family. It’s the kind of book I’d reach for at the end of our shopping week when we only have apples left, or worse just a can of beans. But it’s also something we could pull out when we have just been to the farmers market or the local green grocer and have interesting fruit/veggies.

  2. Stephanie M (verified owner)

    This book is more than you would get by just googling stuff. It’s carefully put together with original ideas that are practical and easy to implement.

  3. Nica C (verified owner)

    I hate cooking, and this gave me some simple ideas I’m going to try.

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