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These fun children’s books are great to read and have the added bonus of being education!

  • 2 pack
  • Written by mum and dietitian
  • Includes tips on raising veggie loving kids


About this guide

Learning to like a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables is a journey for children (read more). The first step is for children to build awareness and familiarity with food. One of the best ways to have a positive food experience is through stories.

What if Vegetable were People is a quirky and fun book, designed to give kids an early positive experience with veggies. This will help them learn to love them over time.

What if Fruits were Animals are fictional storybooks for children all about fruits.

What’s Growing is a 20 page lift the flap book for young children. Can you guess the colourful vegetables growing on each page? What helps you to grow?

The prefect present. Each book set contains 2 books:

Choose the What If Set containing:

  • One copy of What If Vegetables Were People
  • One copy of the sequel What If Fruits Were Animal


The veggie pack:

  • One copy of What If Vegetables Were People
  • One copy of What’s Growing (lift the flap book)




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  1. Jessica W

    Kate’s books are fantastic. They’ve become part of the foundation for creating positive food talk with our children in a holistic and non authoritarian way. We can’t thank her enough.

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