The Foost Pack



A perfect pack to help children (and their adults) interact with healthy food.

  • Reduces fussy eating
  • Helps children eat a variety of nutritious foods
  • Designed by mum and dietitian


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A perfect pack to help children interact with healthy food. Comes in a pizza box, which you can reuse to serve some take away at home in!

What what’s in the pack?

  • 1 Foost First Knife
  • 1 Foost Next knife
  • 1 copy of What If Vegetables Were People
  • 1 copy of What if Fruits Were Animals
  • 1 copy What’s Growing
  • 2 bamboo rainbow plate
  • Big spoon / little spoon
  • 2 Learning bowls
  • 1 Meal planner
  • 1 Shopping list
  • 1 Family serving platter
  • 2 mini tongs
  • 2 apron/hat sets

About the products:

Foost knives cut fruit and veggies but not little helping hands. The First knife uses a sawing action. The Next knife has a longer and thinner blade (still safe) and uses a cutting action. By involving kids in meal preparation, they will enjoy eating a wide variety of new foods without fuss!

What if Vegetable were People is a quirky and fun book, designed to give kids an early positive experience with veggies. This will help them learn to love them over time.

What if Fruits were Animals are fictional storybooks for children all about fruits.

Foost rainbow plates are made of bamboo. Bringing some fun colour to mealtimes.

Big spoon / little spoon lets your children serve themselves and other family members. Everyone can choose if they would like a larger serving or just a little try of a dish.

Learning bowls or trying bowls are mini bowls where children can place a new food, they might want to try. It won’t touch anything else. It is also a place they can place any unwanted food.

Meal planner and shopping list to help reduce your food stress, increase food variety and save you money and time!

Family serving platter so you can serve food up platter style and see what happens.  Everyone can enjoy the same meal without whinging.

Mini tongs gives children the power to choose what to put on their plate! Place the meal or snack onto the family serving platter and give kids the tongs and let them choose what foods to put on their plate.

Non-woven apron and hat set for children to get involved in the kitchen. Velcro adjustable hats. Chose of coloured apron: green, purple, yellow and red.

You can get all of this plus 6 months free access to our educational guide and access to a supportive group in Foost’s Digital All-Access Plus.

Note:  Colour of tongs, learning bowls and spoons is chosen at random. If you would like 2 of the same knives, a specific colour of tongs and spoons or to swap the fruit book for What’s Growing, just add a note to your order.




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