meal planner & shopping list



Meal planning saves stress and money. This pack includes a meal planer and shopping list.

  • Magnetic, stick it on your fridge
  • 52 pages, so get organised for a full year
  • Tear-off pages to take with you to the supermarket


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Colourful and fun shopping list and meal planner to help with planning meals for your family. Helps you meal plan a variety of foods. Grains to help us go, meats and dairy to help us grow and colourful fruits and veggies to glow. A friendly reminder to plan and buy for balanced eating.

Planning meals is key for making healthy meals and snacks, with the added benefit of:

  • Reducing stress levels
  • Managing your budget
  • Minimising food wastage
  • Making shopping easier and quicker
  • Encouraging colourful eating
  • Increasing food variety associated with a variety of nutrients



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FREE DELIVERY over $69 to USA & Australia.